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UK company seeks distributor for nanotechnology, self healing railway rolling stock coatings

The company, a UK SME, has coatings specifically for use and of interest to the railway industry for their rolling stock. The two products that this company has developed can enhance the ease of cleaning and maintenance of rolling stock, and can be applied in-situ with minimal training. The company wishes to sell these coatings either to rolling stock operators and owners, or companies involved with cleaning and maintaining the rolling stock. A distribution arrangement would be ideal.

Partnership(s) sought
  • Distribution services agreement
Descripción completa

This UK company has positioned itself a a leading paints and and coatings developer / consultancy, and has significant levels of expertise in developing technologically advanced products to satisfy demanding requirements.

In this instance, The company has developed two new coatings technologies for which the company is attempting to find partners to distribute the products.

The first product is a new coating that is a very thin film transparent, air cured nano-technology coating that can be applied to a variety of substrates. The coating provides a barrier which results in protection from solvents, inks and dyes. This has the added advantage of providing a near graffiti-proof coating, which is a big problem for train companies which operate passenger cars / rolling stock. The benefits of this product means that the paint on the carriages requires less maintenance and cleaning due to reduced corrosion (thanks to it's resistance to seawater / salty air) and vastly less time spent cleaning, as any defacement can be easily washed away with water.

The second coating is a repair kit for rubber and fabric gangways or bellows. These are the flexible connectors between two passenger carriages and are often subject to significant wear and tear while the train is moving round corners, as well as being difficult to clean and repair due to the material that they are made of, usually requiring complete replacement on a moderately frequent basis.

The coating that has been developed extends the service life of these gangways / rubber bellows as it drastically reduces degradation from its exposure . This coating can repair carriage bellows at a fraction of the cost of replacement, and has the amazing added advantage that it is self sealing - which means that if it is punctured in the future, no further repairs are needed and it prevents the corrosion of the carriage body. Available in different colours, the repair material is air cured and UV stable and does not require specialist training to apply.

Both coatings are UK fire rated for use on rolling stock.
Both coatings are already in service with European train operating companies.

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Under an ideal partnership, any company that operates or works with carriages / rolling stock such as train operating companies, train owners and train maintenance companies would use these products to extend the service life and reduce the costs associated with maintenance for these products. These companies would purchase the coatings and apply them themselves, as they do not require specialised training to apply.

In addition, companies currently selling products and services to their local railway industry may be interested in these products. The companies would be engaged as our local distributor and would sell the coatings on to their railway industry. They may also get involved in applying the coatings for their railway clients.

These partnerships would all be delivered as distribution service agreements due to the lack of requirement for support through the application process as it is so simply to apply.

Advantages & innovations:

The nano coating:
? is especially suited for water / dirt repellent sealing of non-absorbent materials in both outdoor and indoor areas

? generates an invisible surface coating

? is resistant to seawater and salty air

? is supplied ready to use

? is highly reactive and resistant against a large number of different organic solvents

? treated surfaces remain clean for longer and are easier to clean

? protected surfaces reduce the cost for cleaning and care

The bellows repair kit:

- Applied by brush or roller

- 100% volume solids

- Rain free in 2 to 3 hours

- VOC free

- Wide range of colours

- Application temperature range of -5*C to +60*C

- Eliminates the need to replace bellows in most cases, and extends their service life

- Can also be applied to Buses that have rubber bellows.

Development Stage:

Already on the market

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» Reference: BOUK20181030002

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