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Bulgarian producer of preserved fruits and vegetables seeks distributors

A Bulgarian company, producer of compotes, preserved vegetables and pickles, with a high export to some of the leading supermarket chains all over the world, is looking for distributors in order to reach new markets

Partnership(s) sought
  • Distribution services agreement
Descripción completa

A Bulgarian company, with over 60 years of experience in the production of high quality preserved fruit and vegetables, is looking for intermediary services. The company product mix includes:

Apricots in sugar syrup (compote)
Sour cherries in sugar syrup (compote)
Cherries in sugar syrup (compote)
Pears in sugar syrup (compote)
Plums in sugar syrup (compote)
Fruit cocktail
Roasted red peppers
Canned tomatoes
Canned mild pepperoni Lombardi
Sterilized gherkins
Canned pepper stripes
Letcho /pepper stripes in tomato juice/
Canned pickled cherry tomatoes and gherkins

The company is the biggest producer of peeled peaches in Bulgaria. The company processes only fresh fruits and vegetables and can them in glass and tin containers in different sizes, ranging from 370 ml up to 4?250 ml.

The company exports over 95 percent of its production. Their products are known to almost all known market chains in Europe, Russia, Israel, Canada, etc. Among them are Kaufland, Carrefour, Penny Market, Eurospin, Auchan, Magnit, OK, Dixie, Monetka, Azbuka Vkusov, X5 hypermarkets, etc.

The company would like to expand its relations with new distributors across the world, so that they could offer their production in various supermarket chains.

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The company would like to expand their range of clients by reaching new markets. It is looking for distributors from different countries willing to distribute the company's products abroad.

Advantages & innovations:

The company is most famous for the production of compotes of peeled peaches and cherries. They are grown in their own fruit gardens, located in the vicinity of the factory. Thus, they have the opportunity to control their quality. The area is known as "The Valley of the Peaches". They also work with a number of verified suppliers from the same region in order to provide the necessary quantity of raw materials. In addition, they have the practice to give away cultivated trees (yellow cling peaches), mainly to beginner farmers with whom they later conclude contracts for purchasing their production output.

The company has internationally recognized certificates ? ISO 22 000:2006 and IFS Food

Development Stage:

Already on the market

Clasificado como: Manufactura Industrial Alimentación y bebidas Industria

» Reference: BOBG20180724001

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