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Advanced nano coating specialist of chemical vapor disposition

A UK company seeks technical or commercial agreements and/or R&D technical cooperation for its tungsten carbide CVD coatings. The coatings do what most traditional coatings can't: coat both internal and external surfaces, non-line-of-site areas, combing exceptional wear and corrosion resistance with toughness and ductility. Used on critical parts of oil and gas tools, pumps, valves, aircraft components and typically triple their service life in abrasive/erosive/corrosive conditions.

Partnership(s) sought
  • Commercial agreement with technical assistance Technical cooperation agreement Research cooperation agreement
Descripción completa

The company's advanced CVD coating consists of nano-structured tungsten carbide particles dispersed in tungsten metal matrix. The coating is applied by low-temperature CVD technology at a temperature of 500C. This enables the coating of a wide range of engineering materials: stainless steel, inconel, tool steels, Ni-, Cu-, and Co-based alloys.

The CVD coating can do what most traditional coatings can't: coat both internal and external surfaces, non-line-of-sight areas.

The coating is free from inter-granular inclusions, impurities, porosity and other defects which can weaken the material's mechanical properties and make it brittle. Alloying elements further enhance its properties. This structure and composition help achieve a combination of high hardness of 1100 ? 1600 Hv (70 ? 77 HRC) with enhanced toughness, crack and impact resistance. This combination gives the coating outstanding resistance to abrasive wear and solid particle erosion, outperforming other hard-facing materials. The 50 microns thick coating is pore-free and has high resistance to corrosion and chemically aggressive media, including H2S acid present in sour oil. The CVD coating is crystallized from gas media atom-by-atom, this enables the coating of both internal and external surfaces and complex shape parts.

The nanostructured W/WC coatings are used to protect critical parts of oil drilling tools, pumps, valves, aircraft components and other precision components against mechanical and chemical degradation.

The company's coating are approved by Airbus as a replacement for Hard Chrome plating which is restricted by REACH regulations.

The UK company is a leading global innovator and provider of advanced tungsten carbide coatings. Seeking industrial partners, developers and producers of industrial equipment where the use of their coating improves durability and performance of these products. Seeking cooperation where:

. the technology is used as a commercial basis with technical assistance
. research cooperation to develop and test new applications for the coating
. technical agreement to customize new coatings for specific application requirements

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Looking for Industrial Partners, developers and producers of industrial equipment, who can use the coatings to improve durability and performance of their products or develop further R&D including:

Commercial agreement with technical assistance for joint development of the coating application and supply of the coating service.
Research cooperation agreement to develop and test new applications for the coatings.
Technical cooperation agreement for potential users of the coatings for new advanced engineering equipment, to test and if necessary customize new coatings to their specific application requirements.

Advantages & innovations:

The coating technology and materials are internationally patented and provide the following advantages:

- Can do what most other coatings can't: uniformly coat both internal and external surfaces, complex shapes, non line-of-sight areas;
- Coating is resistant to wear (outperforming Inconel by 500x), erosion (outperforming steel by 125x), corrosion;
- Pore-free coating protects against corrosion, acids.
- Proven on critical parts of oil down-hole tools, pumps, valves, aircraft components, typically the coating triples parts service life.
- The coating is a better-performing and environment-friendly replacement for Hard Cr plating, restricted by REACH.

Development Stage:

Already on the market - The coating has been extensively tested, including by Airbus for flying components, and is used by all major oil service companies, producers of advanced engineering equipment.The coating is internationally patented.


Other - Patents granted, as well as Know-how and Trademarks registered

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This project has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° [310187].