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Romanian manufacturer of workwear is searching for EU distributors

Romanian manufacturer of workwear, for every industry and every service sector, is looking for EU partners under distribution services agreement. The company, well established on the Romanian market, would like to find distributors in order to reach new markets.

Partnership(s) sought
  • Distribution services agreement
Descripción completa

Romanian manufacturer of workwear has been representing its products on the market since 2000. Production capacities of the company contains a sewing factory equipped with the latest sewing equipment. The company's products is about 40% of the workwear market. The number of workers in sewing company constitutes 200 people.

The products manufactured by the company is made from high quality fabrics. Products sew from cotton and blended fabrics of different densities and also twill ? 100% cotton, blended twill (cotton + polyester), signal fabric, non-woven fabric with zippers or caps closure in various sizes and universal sizes, customization on demand (embroidery, heat transfer) in a wide range of colours with or without reflective tape. At production of winter suits various heaters are used: half-woollen batting, polyester wadding. The company has a production line of suits of canvas. The company designs clothing for individual orders. In standard models it is possible to change the shape, colour and bring additional elements.
The products manufactured are made as per European standards, such: EN 340, EN 13982, EN 13034, EN 1149-1, EN 1073-2, EN 14126, EN 1149, EN 531, EN 470, EN 381.

The company is looking for trade companies for partnership within the terms of distribution agency agreement. Potential partners should buy the products, promote and resell the product. The contract details (including the price, terms of delivery) are discussed individually after the first contact. As a result the company plans to introduce final products to the international market, to get new partners for long-term cooperation.

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The company is searching for experienced distributors in order to promote the products in foreign countries.
The potential distributors is expected to be well established company on the respective local market. The distributor should be specialized in distribution of workwear. The potential partner should have well developed network and be able to make regular order. The Romanian company expects regular increase in orders.

Advantages & innovations:

The company has over seventeen years of experience in the sector, and can offer an excellent quality-price ratio.

The production is developed in such a way to coexist design, functionality and sustainability.

Classic hand-finishing technique is still used in a way to assure the products quality.

Development Stage:

Already on the market

Clasificado como: Manufactura Industrial Paper, Pulp, Textiles, Leather and Footwear Industria

» Reference: BORO20180405001

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This project has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° [310187].