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An Israeli company specializes in new adhesive formulations for industrial applications and is looking for distribution services agreement

The Israeli company develops, manufactures and markets polymer-based adhesive formulations. They have developed fire retardant adhesives, mainly (but not only)for the building industry. The company?s fire retardant adhesives correspond with the latest and most severe standards. The adhesives can be customized to meet the customer?s requirements. The target partners are distributors and industrialists. The company seeks distribution services and joint venture agreements.

Partnership(s) sought
  • Distribution services agreement Joint venture agreement
Descripción completa

Established in 1938, the leading company in adhesion solutions in Israel serves a wide variety of industries in and out of Israel. Building upon their reputation for creativity and quality, the company operates four business lines in the areas of: industrial adhesives, pesticide-free pests control, technical textile resins and bicycle sealants and accessories.
The company adhesives serve a wide variety of industries including high-end footwear, upholstery and mattresses, wood, insulation etc. The company operates out of its facility in the center of Israel and sells its products in more than 60 countries worldwide.
The company has developed and is offering to the market the developed fire retardant adhesives, mainly for building industry. These are primarily the contact and pressure sensitive adhesives designed for a variety of application in building interiors. The
company has developed a series of flame retardant adhesives that meet the most recent and strictest standards. The developed products are required by producers of flexible air ducts and air transport systems.The developed products are suitable especially for highly developed countries in Western Europe and the US where standards are the most challenging to meet.
The company specializes in product customization to client?s exact needs in every aspect of adhesives use. They also develop flame retardant adhesives for wall and floor covering in clean rooms, hospitals, production halls and more.
In order to broaden their range of customers the company is looking for plants and factories that produce / install flexible air ducts, air transport systems and wall and floor coverings, especially for use in developed countries in Western Europe and the US where fire retardancy standards are most challenging. They want to enter new markets and are looking for distribution services agreement and joint venture agreement for long-term cooperation with the distributor and industrial companies. The joint venture frame would also suppose customizing aspects of cooperation except for supply and distribution aspects.

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: -TYPE - industry, business, trade companies

-ACTIVITY ? manufacturer / distributor with experience / knowledge in adhesive application in industrial coverings, coatings and insulations in the building; other industrial applications; flexible air ducts and air transport systems. The relevant contact person in the factory for working in the frame of joint venture is the factory engineer or the purchasing person. This would allow also the customizing aspects of the cooperation.

-ROLE - under joint venture agreement - it is expected to use company?s adhesives for the manufacturing of air ducts and/or in the installation of air transport units, wall and floor coverings,
- under distribution services agreement - it is expected to locate the customers in need for using the produced adhesives.

Advantages & innovations:

The formulations developed for fire retardant adhesives enable the following advantages:
1) the adhesives support the most challenging standards in the world, as compared to those on the market, which almost all do not suit for those ;
2) the product may be customized to meet customer?s specifications, work processes and substances

Development Stage:

Already on the market

» Reference: BOIL20171219001

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