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A French company is offering organic photovoltaic devices manufactured by digital printing expertise. Technical cooperation agreement is considered.

A French company specialized in designing and manufacturing photovoltaic solutions has developed flexible organic photovoltaic devices manufactured by digital printing. The company offers its expertise in the frame of a technical cooperation agreement.

Partnership(s) sought
  • Technical cooperation agreement
Descripción completa

This company created in 2011 is one of the first French companies specialized in designing and manufacturing photovoltaic solutions using flexible organic devices by digital printing. The company aims at improving its competitive advantage by boosting the use of connected objects by extending their operating times. The company invests in research on this solution, as well as cooperation with domestic and foreign companies on R&D projects.
The newest product developed by the company is a flexible organic photovoltaic device based on a unique OPV (solar photo-voltaic cell) cell manufacturing technique using digital printing. Cells and modules are printed using conductive functional inks formulated by the company.
This innovation traps light in order to convert it into energy. The company?s expertise is in the deposit of the different conductive polymer layers needed to generate the current in consideration of three elements: the expected performance, the desired power and the available area without denaturing the initial function.
Based on the same digital printing technology used for OPV (solar photo-voltaic cells) solution, it is possible to emit light (Lighting) in order to offer a better visibility to a logo brand. This technology uses cheap and abundant semi-conducting organic materials, which present the advantage of being able to print at low temperature on plastic substrates using inkjet technology. The company integrates the technology and makes it wearable. On the same support, the company is able to provide a solution to tap energy and return it in light form.
The company is interested in partnership based on technical cooperation agreement with technological companies for further development to adapt the first version of the solution for indoor applications.

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Specific area of activity of the partner:

Technical cooperation agreement with companies for further development to adapt the first version of the solution for indoor applications.

Final customers targeted are medium and large industrial companies that are looking for technology boosting the usage of connected objects.
The company is looking for technical cooperation with companies interested in integrating the solution or in co-developing new features to make it interact with more functional equipment (sensors, switches, packaging, production lines?)

Advantages & innovations:

The technology can adjust to the customer products without deforming them;
the technology is so light that it can be easily incorporated into the customers products;
the technology is designed, created and tailored according to the customers needs.
Adapted to extended operating conditions: the technology works with all types of light (natural/artificial) and conditions of use, both indoors and outdoors;

The technology is an ecological answer to energy issues. Production needs little material based on organic compounds.

Development Stage:

Available for demonstration - The company has developed first OPV modules, which reach good efficiencies. The further development is to increase the lifetime of the cells and the modules by optimizing the choice of active materials, the architecture of solar cells and encapsulation process.


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