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Bulgarian company specializes in nanotechnologies is looking for partners for cooperation within financial agreements

The Bulgarian company is specialized in research, development and implementing of polycrystalline and nanodiamonds (diamonds with a size below 1 micrometre) one of the few companies globally dedicated to technical diamonds synthesis. The polycrystalline and nanodiamonds are obtained by dynamic synthesis - blast, that is a complicated process for getting a new mixture product. The new product is a mixture of diamonds, soot and graphite.

300 grams of technical diamonds are obtained by one kilogram of mixture. Trough the partnerships built by the company with partners interested in technical diamonds the sale of the final product could be accomplished.
The diamonds are applicable in the production of abrasive pastes and polishing products. Polycrystalline technical diamond is the most famous abrasive material, has sharp edges but is light and is polishing fine. It is applicable in microelectronics, silicon plates, precision engineering and fine mechanics in jewelry, too.
In essence, the technology guarantees increased resistance, working capacity and complete properties of the processed items at different operating conditions and mechanical depreciation, energy efficiency - lower power consumption, higher micro hardness, corrosion and wear resistance at dry friction of steel parts. This coating technology reduce twice the time to cover a single item than the traditional copper one technology.

The company has two cameras - one for blasting and one for receiving the mixture. It disposes with facilities for dynamic synthesis (blasting technology) and purification technology; it only needs to build a small mixture cleaning camera in order to be able to get the final product.
The potential partner is preferably to be interested in investment in the technical diamond synthesis, a widely applicable, proofed and promising technology. The partnership will be implemented under financial agreement. The average cost of investment needed to build such a camera would be between 200 000 and 300 000 euros. The company seeks partnership with a potential investor in order to complete and close the production cycle.
?he company has all the necessary licenses to carry out the activity. The attached pictures show the synthesis chambers and the microscopy of technical diamonds.

» Reference: BOBG20171113001/BULGARIA

» Sector: Tecnologías de Materiales Manufactura Industrial Industria

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This project has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° [310187].