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A Polish manufacturer of chemical products is looking for distributors on foreign markets

The Polish manufacturer of chemical products operating on the market since 2016. The company is young but has experience in the chemical industry since 1997.

The main groups of the chemical products are liquids and concentrate for surfaces cleaning:
? universal liquids for cleaning floors. tilling, terracotta, varnished areas, plastics
? glass cleaning liquids for tiling, mirrors, chromed and plastic elements
? distilled water for laboratory purposes, chemical solutions, batteries and automobile radiators and other purposes
? washing-up liquids and balsam
Professional chemistry:
? floor care products - liquids for daily manual and machine floor washing with different properties:
-leaving a protective layer
-low lather alkaline products
-neutral products on the basis of alcohol
-cleaning liquids on the basis of orange oils
-products on the basis of natural citrus solvents
-washable areas care products
-concentrated liquid for washable areas cleaning (glasses, furniture, marbles, plastics)
-liquids with nanotechnology formulas and anti-fog properties
? carpets/coverings cleaning
-foam products for textile carpets and coverings
-low foam products for textile carpets and coverings
? sanitary area products
-acid antibacterial products
-antibacterial toilet gels
-antibacterial toiled gels on the basis of chlorine
? air fresheners
? specialist products
-products for removing smudges of dirt, glue, rubber, ink, fat, soot from different surfaces
-products for removing smudges of dirt immune to the alkali
-products for polishing and maintenance of stainless steel surfaces
? hands care and cleaning
-antibacterial soaps with glycerine
-gel with an abrasive measure to wash strongly dirtied hands
? kitchen care products
-high alkaline products for dishwasher
-rinsing and shining products for dishwashers
-descaling strongly acid concentrated products
-scorches removing, strongly alkaline products
-granulated salt for dishwashers

The company is looking forward to meeting partner as a distributor to expand their business field of chemical products.
The desired partner should be able to understand the distribution and product lines.

» Reference: BOPL20171107003/POLAND

» Sector: Manufactura Industrial Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Industria

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