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World-Class Speakers announced at the Advanced Materials Show Conference

The Advanced Materials Show, taking place at The Telford International Centre (UK) from 10th-11th July 2019, has announced the agenda for the four-track conference which is set to be the event of the year in the advanced materials sector.

The two-day conference will cover a wide range of topics including a plenary session with  the leading individuals in the advanced materials industry; James Baker, CEO, Graphene @Manchester, Sheetal Handa, Director of BP-ICAM, BP and Steve Harris, Director of External Partnerships, BAE Systems. This plenary panel discussion will focus on current priorities within the advanced materials sector, the state of the market, opportunities for the industry and where their respective organisations are investing funds and resources in 2019 and beyond.
Manufacturing industries are modernising and whilst ‘Industry 4.0’ has become something of a buzzword, it does represent a change that cannot be ignored. Many high-value manufacturing industries are seeing real benefits from the effects of digitalisation with some quick to embrace the associated technologies. The featured session on Digital Manufacturing in Coatings: Lessons From Other High Value Industries with experts from BP – ICAM, TRL9 and Siemens will explore the benefits and look at strategies for digitalisation within the coatings sector.

One of the featured sessions on the second day of the conference will hear from experts around the world including Claire Skentelbery, Director General, NIA, Landon Mertz, CEO, Cerion Advanced Materials and Ed Lester, Technical Director, Promethean Particles. This session focuses on Nanomaterial Development: Processing and Manufacturing Nanomaterials at Commercial Scale and will cover practical considerations and case studies related to the processing and manufacturing of nanomaterials at scale.

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