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Lanxess to invest €200m in flame retardants expansion

Lanxess AG is investing €200 million in strengthening its global asset base for flame retardant additives over the next three years.

The Cologne-based speciality chemicals supplier announced 7 Dec that the investment package was aimed at strengthening its position in the market, but did not give further information on the breakdown of the investment.

Lanxess significantly expanded its market position for flame retardant additives after acquiring the US company Chemtura in 2017. Chemtura’s brominated flame-retardant additives and bromine and bromine derivatives have been integrated into Lanxess’s business with phosphorus-based flame retardant additives. 

The German supplier runs a backward integrated production network for bromine and phosphorous based flame retardants with plants in its production sites in the US (Charleston, El Dorado, Greensboro), Germany (Leverkusen, Krefeld-Uerdingen), Épierre, France and Manchester, UK.

In addition to the production network for flame retardants, Lanxess also runs two technical development centres in Naugatuck, the US and Leverkusen, Germany.

“Out of Leverkusen and Naugatuck, we are driving global innovations like reactive and polymeric flame retardants,” said Karsten Job, head of the polymer additives business at Lanxess.

» Publication Date: 10/12/2018

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