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Amut-Erema plant on display in Novara - By the end of 2018 three open doors for the ā??bottle-to-packagingā?

After thedates in July and in September, the open doors at the Amut headquarters inNovara go on to show in function the plant developed together with Erema forrecycling flakes coming from 100% post consumer PET bottles and for producingfood-approved single-layer sheets. Three are the scheduled appointments by theend of the year: October 23-25; November 20-22; December 11-13.

Thanks tothe combination of Erema’s Vacurema technology with Amut’s Inline Sheet system,the line is able to carry out a direct “bottle to packaging” process,guaranteeing energy savings, no loss of intrinsic viscosity during the productionprocess, and a lower kW/kg ratio. The foil produced is approved by the FDA(Food and Drug Administration, the US food and medicines regulating body) andby Efsa (the European Food Safety Authority). The proposed system can reach aflow rate of 1000 kg per hour and produces foils with a net width of 1200 mmand thicknesses ranging from 150 to 1500 micrometres.

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