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Bandera to start 2018 with a 4-months open house - Five PET rigid film extrusion lines live at the House of Extrusion

A livedemonstration of five PET rigid film extrusion lines will open Bandera’s 2018.From January to April, those lines dedicated to the thermoforming andform-fill-seal (FFS) sectors will be shown at the House of Extrusion, beforebeing delivered to five converters based in Poland, Germany, Turkey, SaudiArabia and Indonesia.

The AlphaPPTM, Alpha VelPet and AlphaPet lines, complete and fully functional, will beavailable for trials and tests, enabling interested converters to check theirperformances and specific process requirements.

ThePET processing technology available on these lines makes it possible to extrudethicknesses ranging from 0.12 to 2.20 mm and to reach outputs of 700 to 2,600kg/h, to meet the highest standards required by new applications such as TDOlabel, furniture, credit card and packaging films.

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