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Mouth guard maker expanding its customer base

Akervall Technologies Inc., the Saline, Mich.-based maker of SISU thermoplastic mouth guards, is working with New York-based Triple Eight to be its main distributor for roller derby and action sports in the U.S.

The move will expand the company's reach by tapping into Triple Eight's network of action sports and reach out to other competitors.

"The connection with the roller derby market was our bread and butter," CEO Sassa Akervall said. "But as business is growing, we needed partners that are well-entrenched in other sports."

Akervall said she expects revenue this year to be around $4.5 million to $5 million, which she expects to grow because of the new distribution model.

Akervall Technologies was founded in 2008 and started getting traction in 2010. Its signature product — the SISU mouth guard — is marketed as a lighter, thinner, stronger alternative for athletes.

Before teaming with Triple Eight, the company sold directly to stores throughout the U.S. It will continue to sell through a distributor in Canada.

Akervall said the company willl release a new cleaning and freshening spray for its products this fall, and in January, it will release a new style of mouth guard.

» Publication Date: 11/10/2017

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