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Overcoming selective interfacial bonding and enhancing thermal conductivity of diamond/aluminum composite by an ion bombardment pretreatment

Low energy Ar+ ion beam bombardment is adopted as a pretreatment process of diamond particles for fabricating diamond/aluminum composite. We demonstrate that the combined effects of higher defect density and concentration of oxygen functional groups on diamond {100} plane lead to a selective interfacial bonding in the raw diamond/aluminum composites. It limits the thermal transfer performance of the composite. With the help of ion implantation and cleaning effects, similar diamond surface states are obtained by a conversion of sp3 C to sp2 C which occurs on both the diamond {100} and {111} planes simultaneously. The similar surface states are beneficial for the aluminum matrix adhered to the bombarded diamond surface uniformly during the interfacial reaction. Furthermore, the mean interfacial thermal conductance between the bombarded diamond particles and the matrix reaches up to 9.3?107 W·m??2·K??1. The thermal conductivity of the diamond/aluminum composite is improved significantly to 713W·m??1·K??1, indicating that low energy ion beam bombarded is a promising approach for further improving the interfacial bonding and the thermal conductivity of the diamond/aluminum composite.

» Author: Wulin Yang, Jianquan Sang, Lingping Zhou, Kun Peng, Jiajun Zhu, Deyi Li

» Reference: Diamond and Related Materials

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This project has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n [310187].